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Launched in June 2018 with a passion and firm belief in providing customers with personalized services that add value to their business. We provide services such as corporate training and consulting, personality and soft skills development workshops, and campus-to-corporate programs.

Technical knowledge alone is not enough. Accurate and compelling communication is the key to the future. It is imperative to keep employees motivated, to learn new things and to give them the opportunity to develop their skills. Limitless Trainers & Consultants help businesses create and maintain a better educated workforce. This will increase your productivity.

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Today, everything is tailor-made to your liking. Just as people can curate social media feeds and filter posts on Facebook’s timeline, the educational methods offered are also possible. But how might you ask? Through individual training. Basically, personalized training allows a person to learn based on the most effective goals and approaches to meet their needs. It is driven by the order, timing, and content that the learner considers appropriate. This means presenting individuals with a variety of tools and approaches that go against the traditional all-purpose setting. Not only does this optimize learning, but it also provides a unique experience with more results than setbacks.
The era of intuitive linear education is over and employees are presented with a large amount of general information. As the pace of learning is constantly changing, by strengthening education tailored to each employee’s needs, employees manage their learning and career development while promoting a high level of commitment to their training efforts. I can do it. Computer Generated Solutions (CGS) is a report entitled “Corporate Learning Predictions, Observations and Trends,” in which many (80%) of respondents from different companies and organizations say that curation and personalization are corporate training program priorities. He states that he has agreed to be. However, just because the majority prefer customized programs does not guarantee that learners will progress overnight or within a few weeks. Therefore, there are a few things to keep in mind to make your personalized training experience more fulfilling and rewarding.

Personalizing the is a great way for employees to get the job done and enjoyed. This means that learners can get the most out of their learning experience, rather than taking steps faster than usual. Compared to face-to-face events, the blended training approach also reduces costs. You no longer have to hire more in-house staff, schedule meetings that can undermine ongoing productivity, and provide physical supplies and food. In that sense, it not only pays for itself, but also scales costs without breaking the bank. The apprenticeship course is not the only one, as it is a continuous and evolving cycle. Analytical and constructive feedback is also essential to the process, as learners need to know areas of improvement coupled with positive improvements.

Guarantees high quality results. Providing customized training is neither easy nor cheap, but the results and satisfaction that come with it are certainly worth the investment. Therefore, training methods also need to adapt to trends that are appropriate for the employee-individually. There is no doubt that personalized corporate training is possible, but it still requires the willingness to invest in employee learning and development and the openness to move to a more effective teaching style. The good thing is that many companies are aware of this. In fact, according to an eLearning Industry post, about 38% of companies have seen an increase in their training budget and expect it to continue to increase over the next two years.

The quality of the content you feed should always be a top priority. If the materials provided and the resources available do not meet the needs of the individual, the bespoke program will not succeed. Didina Gonzalez of IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance agrees that most analytical tools can manage data related to a particular course of activity, but with abstract thinking, concept generation, or other creative expression. It cannot process the input it contains. In addition, educational institutions need to be ready to offer a wide range of opportunities and content with guaranteed quality. To acquire the right skills for your employees, you first need to train them with the right content.

May this Onam bring you all the happiness and prosperity. Our entire team wishes you and your family a happy Onam

Is your communication holding you back from being promoted?

Does the idea of facing a group people make you shiver?

Are you dreaded by the thought of attending a job interview?

Is convincing others difficult even when your points are strong?

We are committed to provide our clients with best in class training and consultation, our power packed sessions will be handled by award winning Trainer cum Speaker Mr. Mathew Jacob
Workshop Objectives –
> Increase confidence to face an audience
> Creating first impression
> How to select a topic and write a speech
> Different types of speeches
> Introducing another speaker
> To effectively use body language/Voice Modulation
> To improve Listening skills
> Elements of story telling
> Importance of humour in speeches
> Improve interpersonal Communication
> Etiquettes of communication
> How to be effective in Group Discussions
> Improve communication skills in job interviews

4 day Workshop will be held at Ashirbhavan, Banerji Road Ernakulam, Kacheripady, Ernakulam on 2019, May 11, 12, 18, 19. (Time :9:00 am – 5 pm )

Please find the link below to Register.
For Bookings & Inquiries Contact : +91 9995086474 / 9809509210

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Summer workshop coming soon

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